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The digital world has truly advanced by leaps and bounds, and here we have the UCCTOP XENO Internet Broadcasting Station which allows you to travel along with your camera crew, beaming the latest happenings around the world no matter where you are. It looks like a pretty mean beast, and should be a pain to lug around. Features include :-

While thin and highly compact laptops have become very popular these days, the UCCTOP XENO is bucking that trend by being a monstrous, briefcase sized system. But what it lacks in portability it more than makes up for in terms of functionality, particularly if you’re in the business of streaming broadcasts to the web.

  • 4-channel video and 6-channel audio input
  • Selected video channel switching and 6-channel audio mixing
  • Real-time insertion of subtitles and company logo during live broadcasting
  • Converts input video sources into a WMV file for Internet broadcasting
  • Remote controlling of pan, tilt and zoom on the camera
  • Movie Maker function for editing filmed videos
  • Automatic scheduled broadcasting

Source: Ubergizmo (27/02/2008)

Price: $10,000

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