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Westinghouse TX-42F430S LCD TV for $853.94 !


Westinghouse LCD TV


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May 23, 2008 | by Gordon Jones

The sad truth is that not everyone can afford the mouth-watering displays we see featured in many (most) of our ”cool homes.” Indeed, the undeniable success of companies like Vizio attest to that strata of consumers yearning for the hd experience without the Bentley price tag.

We’ve already been down the cost vs. value road in past TV deals, and while I agree that it’s generally better to save your nickels and buy the best you can afford, some folk are more here-and-now. For them (you?) buying a set made by a second or even third tier manufacturer is worth the risks, especially if the TV is going into a less than critical location (playroom, guest room, etc).

Here then is a deal from ABT Electronics that falls squarely into that camp - the Westinghouse TX-42F430S 42” Widescreen LCD HD Television for a very approachable $854. If you don’t think that’s a good price, consider that a deal on this set last month was $126 more.

Manufacturer's Description
1080p resolution out of all HD inputs, including component

Automatic source detection and switching. Now easily switch from watching your favorite Blu-ray(TM) movie to playing a game on your Xbox 360(TM), just turn on the source you are currently using and the TV will automatically switch to that input.

Sound Experience
Built-in 5 ban equalizer to customize and optimize the sound quality to match any viewing experience- movies, sports, music.

Low Color Shift Panel
Limited color variations with increased viewing angle. Now every seat in the house is the best seat!

Advanced Video Adjustments
Preset and custom video modes for exceptional viewing experience. Choose optimal settings for viewing movies, gaming, sports or create your own viewing modes.

Design Excellence
Westinghouse Digital has once again delivered an exceptional line of LCD displays with class and sophistication. The new TX series features subtle curves, a thin 5.5 housing and a deep onyx bezel with brushed titanium accents. These displays are amazingly thin for their size, giving you the option of mounting these displays on your wall. Combining style and functionality, the TX series is equipped with our innovative SpineDesign(TM) technology allowing for easy side access to all connections while still on the wall or shelf and Waterfall design- organized cable management system.


Price ................... $853.94


Source: Electronic House


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