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TLG Acoustic Series 1 Horn Speaker



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TLG Acoustical Design, Inc. shows this extremely large horn speaker.  Using what they call 19th century physics with 21st century technology, the Series-I uses computer aided design for fine-tuning this horn-loaded speaker.  This 2,500 lbs. over 116 inch wide speaker is approximately 107 db/w/m sensitive and can be finished in various colors. 

The total specifications of their Series I unit is as follows:

Frequency response 45Hz to 35kHz (-3b)
Impedance from 4-16 ohms (8 nominal)
Sensitivity 107 db/w/m
Harmonic distortion 1% @ 107db
Power rating is 35 wpc max which yields 122 db SPL @ 1 meter
Height x Width x Depth   70"x116.75"x32"
Weight  2,500 lbs. (approximate)

Source: EnjoyTheMusic.Com

Price: $150,000

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