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Saitek Cyborg 5.1 Headphones


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Peripherals giant Saitek has unveiled a new set of headphones in the shape of the Cyborg 5.1, a fully adjustable headset with incorporated 5.1 surround sound delivering, the company claims, 'the ultimate gaming audio'.

Saitek has built in a 5.1 sound card that provides 'true' (as opposed to pseudo) surround sound promising to make the sonic experience more explosive and intense.

Internally, Saitek has packed in six sonic drivers to create a precise and directional audio experience, specifically designed with gaming in mind so users can pinpoint attackers from distant gunfire or hear things approaching from behind and react quicker.

Other features include easy-to-reach integrated line-in volume and mute control, 5.1 surround sound select switch and noise-cancelling boom microphone for easy chat with fellow gamers.

In a stroke of gaming geek chic genius, Saitek has carved in a Cyborg logo to the cans that lights up when the 5.1 surround function is activated. Classy.

You can of course use these for any other sonic function as the 3.5mm jack will be compatible with most other noise-making gadgetry, be it MP3 player or home hi-fi.

Price: £55



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