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“SANYO” Launches 6 brand-new ‘Xacti Dual Camera’


Sanyo Dual Camer

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SANYO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.  is pleased to introduce its new line-up of Dual Camera Xactis, a line-up that redefines digital imaging with a wide line-up of cameras that take both photos and videos specifically designed to enhance active lifestyles. The new mixed form factor (Horizontal, Vertical) line-up of six (6) cameras include new waterproof HD models (VPC-WH1, VPC-CA9), Compact HD units (VPC-TH1, VPC-CG10), and Full HD 60p cameras (VPC-FH1, VPC-HD2000).

SANYO Dual Camera Xactis combine the benefits of digital still cameras and camcorders into one stylish and compact unit, offering the freedom to take both photos and videos separately, but also seamlessly. Ready to take high resolution photos and record high definition videos in both vertical and horizontal form factors, SANYO offers a variety of body styles providing more options to choose from. Also, because the cameras are small and compact, they are ultra-portable, as well as easy to hold for active filming and shooting while on the go.

Mr. Tsutomu Morimoto, President of Sanyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. announces at today (21 January 2009) press conference of ‘Xacti…The Dual HD Camera’ that “In the year 2009, Sanyo is planning to concentrate more on the portable Dual Camera market in Thailand by releasing 6 newly designed and revolutionary developed models of Xacti series under Sanyo Brand. More importantly, it is the first time the launch occurs on the exact same day at 8 locations in 7 countries around the world which are Dubai, Munich, Toronto, London, New York, Tokyo, Osaka and Bangkok, in order to demonstrate the potential to be a market leader in portable Dual Camera highlighting its significant value that allows users to effectively capture still photos simultaneously while recording video thus enabling them to catch every impressive moment as it happens. The Company will be premiering the new 6 Xacti models in early March.”

“In the past year 2008, the overall gross sales of digital camcorder were around 130,000 units; Sanyo earned 10% market share which was relatively 13,000 units. For this year, it is expected that the gross sales will be stable at 130,000 units; however, we strongly believe that our sales will grow up to 23,000 units with market share increased by 17%.” said Mr. Morimoto.

Mr. Pojsanut Thongjua, Senior Sales Manger for Xacti Dual Camera of Sanyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reveals that “In 2009, Sanyo aims at stimulating the portable camera market in Thailand via the new product launch of 6 models in Xacti series. The goal is to promote purchasing power among general customers to choose one of Xacti cameras as the 2nd one in the family. Additionally, we offer options for those who consider having a new camera companion. With consideration from usage properties and pricing compared to other competitors in the market, it is obvious that Sanyo is a high valuable selection.”

“Besides being dual cameras, all 6 Xacti models utilize the world advanced technology of number one leader in battery market ‘Eneloop’ enhancing battery usage time up to 3 hours and 20 minutes ( VPC–WH1 and VPC-TH1). Moreover, the VPC-FH1 and VPC-HD2000 offer 16x advance zoom, allowing video shooting zoom both standard and digital at the maximum ratio of 160x. The VPC–WH1 and VPC-TH1 also deliver a 30x high optical zoom for still photos.” said Mr. Pojsanut.

Furthermore, Mr. Pojsanut describes that users who want to have an ideal video camera, considering from the main functions of video shooting as well as still photos with the highest resolution and comparing to other competitive dual cameras in the market, they will discover that only few brands can deliver high resolution stills up to 10 megapixels like the VPC-CG10 exclusively delivers. In addition, this year the VPC-WH1 has developed the ability of being submerged 3 meters underwater which is an advance feature from last year products operating in water up to 1.5 meters depth. The outstanding features are water-resistant mode with high definition and 3D-DNR (3 Dimension - Digital Noise Reduction) functions. The superb innovation of 6 latest models of compact video cameras from Xacti series of Sanyo will be available in March 2009 at numerous outlets and department stores.

Source: Sanyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd

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