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Phil Jones is somewhat of a legend in speaker design circles. When he launched Acoustic Energy in the 80s, he surprised audiophiles worldwide. Accustomed to limitations in bass extension and ultimate output capabilities in the monitor speaker genre, listeners were shocked by his then revolutionary metal cone diaphragms and their groundbreaking performance. Output capabilities and bass extension of his original AE-1 monitor transformed it into an instant classic.

His subsequent work for Boston Acoustic's original Lynnfield High-End project spawned not only the 300 and 500 Lynnfield models but also the unique Amplitude Modification Device (a precision-machined tuned bridge in front of metal cone drivers that cancels ringing due to cone breakup modes) that's still in use at Boston Acoustics today.

Phil's tenure at Platinum Audio gave birth to numerous award-winning products. These included the Platinum Solo, the Platinum Reference, the affordable Studio series and the no-holds-barred Platinum Airpulse 3.1. The Airpulse won a prestigious Japanese Product--of-the-Year award and sported a horn-loaded omni-directional mid/hi/mid module flanked vertically by two full-range spiraled bass horns.

Besides his ongoing contract work for Soliloquy, Phil's next venture was to consolidate his 20 years of European and American design experience to produce high-caliber products at retail pricing lower than US-based manufacturing could accomplish. This necessitated off-shore manufacturing. It's well known that many US-based firms rely on Far Eastern vendors to outsource parts or partial assembly to maintain the competitive pricing edge required in today's global market. However, Phil Jones understood that the only way to assure consistency and guarantee the superior quality he demanded, was to remain hands-on involved in all phases of R&D, production and shipping.

With the help of local businessman Ronald Kwok -- his Chinese distributor during Platinum's reign -- Phil set up a 200,000sft full-scale production facility in Shunde, mainland China. He relocated permanently with his family in the late 90s and has lived on the top floor of the AAD factory ever since. This dramatic move somewhat stretches the famous Sting song "An Englishman in New York" to "An Englishman in China" but is illustrative of the depth of Phil's commitment to his customers.

From the very beginning, his core concern for AAD was to offer the build and performance quality Platinum, Lynnfield and Acoustic Energy had made famous. But, he wanted to do so at retail prices that would invite music lovers with more sensible budgets than the lucky few for whom High-End audio is a passion they pursue with extravagant funds. Until now, many passionate music lovers felt that they had to compromise when it came to purchasing their next loudspeakers.

Source: solspeaker.com

Price: $130,000

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