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Pioneer's plasma televisions are regarded as some of the best sets around, and the 9th generation 2008 line improves upon the already praised black levels and video processing of the 8th generation, 2007 models. The Kuro line puts primary focus on creating the deepest black possible with the 9Gs seeing a 5 times increase in contrast ratio over the previous generation. Alongside the picture quality improvements Pioneer has added extra features such as the Home Media Gallery which displays digital media content stored on your home network.


  • 1080p native resolution
  • 72Hz 3:3 pull down
  • 60Hz 2:3 pull down
  • Improved video processing and upscaling
  • New Optimum Mode
  • Smooth Film mode
  • New anti-reflective screen
  • Home Media Gallery digital streaming
  • Two 18 watt speakers
  • Inputs: HDMI x 4, Component x 1, Composite x 3, S-Video x 1, USB, Ethernet, VGA

Optimum Mode - a new mode introduced in the 2008 the Kuro line, this mode analyzes both the ambient lighting in the room and the content of the picture to automatically adjust the picture settings. The idea is that you set the television to this mode and never have to readjust, instead of having separate modes depending on the movie, weather,

Home Media Gallery - when connected to your home network through the LAN port you can view pictures, videos and music on the TV without any external device.

‘KURO’ means black in Japanese. But not just any black. Perfect black. And in the television world, black is everything. Here is the photo of "Blackness" comparison of KURO with others.

KURO comparison


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Source: Pioneer


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