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True Home Theatre experience with New Pioneer BDP-LX71 BonusViewBlu-Ray Disc Player




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Pioneer announces the BDP-LX71 BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player. Incorporating the latest audio and video technologies, the new player outperforms current desktop players in the market and completely redefines the world of digital entertainment. The BDP-LX71 BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player works in tandem with Pioneer's 'HD ready 1080p' KURO displays and A/V receivers, providing the most true-to-life movie experience. The new Blu-ray Disc player demonstrates Pioneer's commitment to delivering an immersive seeing and hearing experience for those who want the very best.

Enjoy the art of film in its purest form. Films are typically produced and mastered to play at a speed of 24 frames per second. The BDP-LX71 lets you view film exactly as the filmmakers intended; in breathtaking 1080p resolution, at 24 frames per second.

The films you watch now become more real than ever. The BDP-LX71 supports HDMI Deep Colour for an unprecedented range of colour tones and exceptionally smooth transitions.

The soundtrack is true to the original, too. Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD High Resolution and DTS-HD Master Audio ensure that you enjoy studio-class sound. Professional-grade Wolfson Digital Audio Converters guarantee exceptional audio performance, too.

With a compatible Pioneer AV receiver, the BDP-LX71 can also deliver truly outstanding and precise music CD playback via HDMI, using the specially developed Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS).

Constructed with a double-layered chassis and dedicated audio and video boards, the BDP-LX71 has a reassuringly solid feel, which is supported by a stable player mechanism.

The BDP-LX71 features an optimised Graphical User Interface (GUI) for exceptionally straightforward operation, and supports the connectivity feature KURO LINK, so the remote control of your KURO flat screen TV is all you need to control the main functions of the Blu-ray disc player.


BonusView (a.k.a. profile 1.1) Yes
HDMI 1.3a Yes, 12-bit Deep Colour
Advanced Audio Bitstream Yes, All Formats
Advanced Audio Decoding Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby True HD/DTS-HD/DTS HD Master
Wolfson Professional Audio DACs Yes x 4
High Quality Video Encoder 297 Mhz 12-Bit
Jitter-free HDMI CD Audio with PQLS Yes
Video Adjust fine-tuning options Yes
7.1 Channel Analogue Output Yes
Gold Plated Terminals Yes
Aluminium Front Panel Yes
Capacitance Touch Key Buttons Yes
New Graphic User Interface Yes


Price ................... Bht. 44,900.-


Source: Pioneer


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