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Onkyo D-112ELTD CD player/Receiver and Two way speaker system


Onkyo CR-D1LTD

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Onkyo Japan released two new products today - a small form factor CD player/FM tuner/amplifier called the CR-D1LTD and a two way speaker system called the D-112ELTD.

The CR-D1LTD is ONKYO's latest mini stereo with CD player, FM tuner, 2x40w amplifier, VLSC technology (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) and more...good to play the CD-R/RW but also MP3 and it is compatible with Denon's iPod craddle: the DS-A1X!

For the CR-D1LTD:

  • 40 watts per channel
  • 0.08% distortion
  • 100dB signal to noise ratio
  • Measures 205 x 117 x 338mm and weighs 5.5 kg
  • Half the size of a full audio component
  • Features Onkyo’s VL Digital support
  • Aluminum construction
  • 192kHz/24 bit DAC
  • CD-R/RW playback support

For the D-112ELTD:

Onkyo D-112ELTD Speaker

  • Frequency response of 50Hz to 100kHz
  • 120W power output
  • Measures 162 x 263 x 243 mm and weighs 5 kg

Source: Onkyo

Price: CR-D1LTD: 73,500 Yens D-112ELTD: 60,900 Yens


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