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Montegiro Spins Vinyl on $47,000 Lusso Turntable



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The new Lusso turntable from Montegiro would suit those seeking out high-performance (and high-priced) luxury.

The Lusso looks like it belongs in a museum of contemporary art—maybe next to a painting of a zebra—with its striped decor and tri-cone build. It’s priced like a work of art, too, starting from $47,000.

The connected cones are height-adjustable, and the zebra pattern comes from alternate aluminum and black acrylic. The upside down cone in the middle provides the support for the aluminum and acrylic platter.

Montegiro’s MG1 titanium cartridge and 10-inch Da Vinci Nobile carbon fiber arm, combined with the company’s new ultra-precise synchronous motor, help deliver what we expect is vinyl sonic bliss for discerning audiophiles.

Spectacular and extravagant, in a breathtaking, unheard-of design, the lusso is built upon alternate layers of aluminium and black acrylic, including the topsy-turvy cone for the aluminium platter fitted with an acrylic platter! The lusso is driven by a newly developed, extremely precise high-end synchronous motor suspended within one of the cones. The cones, connected to each other, embrace height-adjustable feet that serve for perfect set-up. Even the carbon tonearm, mounted on a cone, demonstrates high style.

Sonically, the lusso carries you into a perfect world of sound: Between precise, crystalline highs, and weighty bass is a generous, softly melting midrange that helps produce an ideal, musically balanced turntable. Both the base version of the lusso with three cones and the top-of-the-line model with four cones and two tonearms provide the perfect symbiosis of technique and design!


Source: Montegiro

Price: $ 47,000

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