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Magico Ultimate Speaker

Magico Ultimate

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Conceived and constructed with the sole objective of true-to-life audio reproduction, the MAGICO "Ultimate" is nothing less than an industrial work of art that shatters all previous conceptions of what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design and performance

The 5-way system is housed in all 6061T-6 aircraft-grade hard-anodized aluminum enclosures with front panels machined from 4"-thick slabs of solid aluminum. It incorporates 4 pairs of the most ambitious compression drivers ever made. An 80 Hz 1:1 midbass horn ensures a true horn-loaded signal down to 100 Hz.

The aluminum skin of the 80 Hz midbass horn is reinforced by 56 machined aluminum ribs for stiffness and resonance control. It is hand-welded by skilled craftsmen and takes 4 month to complete.


5-way horn-loaded system

Frequency response: 22Hz-30KHz,

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms for compression drivers, 4 ohms for woofer.

Sensitivity: > 110 for compression drivers, 88 dB for woofer

Dimensions: H: 90" (228 cm) D: 60" (152 cm) W: 18" - 48" (45 cm - 121 cm)

Weight: 800 lbs (363 Kg)

Source: Magico

Price: $229,000

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