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The spherical shape of the cabinet loading the woofer presents numerous advantages like:
  • rigidity inherent to the shape: this is essential to avoid any low frequency vibration that might create noises or a fuzzy sound scene. Thanks to the resulting extremely good pressure resistance, the shape allows to use a very small volume for a 22" woofer and thus provide 96 dB efficiency and a linear response down to 20 Hz in anechoic room conditions. Any other reference system announcing equivalent characteristics in the low frequencies range needs minimum 4 to 6 times more volume for the woofer(s).
  • no standing waves. There are no parallel surfaces, so it is not necessary to fill the enclosure with a lot of damping material and internal bracing. The use of those items reduces the internal volume of air available to load the driver, thus requires the use of a larger volume, thus lager panels that require more bracing and damping...
  • perfect symmetry in every direction and no diffraction effects from 20 to 20 000 Hz: the very essence of the spatial coherency.

All the acoustical laws have been taken into account I the development of La Sphere. No fundamental parameter has been sacrificed in favour of a technical or marketing option. Any bit of a compromise regarding any acoustical law is the result of a global optimisation regarding the fundaments. La Sphère offers unrivalled technical and musical specifications in a compacter volume than all other ultimate systems. It's placement can thus be optimised with limited space or esthetical intrusion, in a recording studio or in a living room. Thanks to the co-axial technology and the application of the SCS principles, the sweet spot is very wide whatever the listening distance.



Price: $145,000

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