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The World's Most Expensive Speaker:

The $1 Million Kharma Grand Enigma Speakers

Khama Grand Enigma

Kharma cable Kharma Kharma cable Kharma


How much are you willing to dish out for quality sound?  What about $1 million for these Kharma Grand Enigma Speakers?

These luxury speakers by Kharma are a huge hit & Belgium & the Netherlands-based company is trying to get into the luxury market here in the States.  But I dunno about $1 million for speakers…. What about just paying the people you want to hear to play for you in your home for that kind of dough?

The Enigma System was a custom project desgined and build by O.L.S. in a huge cellar in Belgium and has become a statement in the high-end world.

Yes, there's ONLY one person in the world who can occupy it, as there's only one system made.


Output Power: 100,000 w.

Weight: 10,000 kg.

Frequency: 10 Hz. - 100 KHz.

Sensibility: 100 db./1W/5 m

Price: $1,000,000

Product Page: Kharma.com

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