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German Physik Gaudi Speaker


German Physik Gaudi

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With DDD Titanium Driver                With DDD Carbon Driver


2.2 ohms at 1,200 Hz                        2.2 ohms at 1,200 Hz

Frequency Response

25 – 21,500 Hz                                                25 – 24,000 Hz


Nominal: 450 watts rms

Power Handling

Short term: 750 watts peak

Amplification required

DDD Section:                       Minimum 140 watts into 4 ohms
Woofer: Minimum 200 watts into 4 ohms

Cross over frequency

220 Hz.

Cross over slopes

DDD Section: 12 dB/octave electronic and 24 dB/octave acoustic
Woofer: 18 dB/octave electronic and 24 dB/octave acoustic

High frequency settings

-2dB, flat, ~2dB and 4dB. Start frequency: 8,000Hz

Low frequency setting

No jumper ~ 10 dB; red jumper ~ 5 dB; red and black jumper flat.


Start frequency: 60 Hz

Maximum output level

112dB                                                                    118dB


88.4 dB for 1 watt a 1m                     88.8 dB for 1 watt at 1m

Operating principle

2    way   speaker    using    DDD       2 way speaker using         DDD


Bending       Wave      Converters        Bending     Wave     Converters
giving a 360° radiation pattern.            giving a 360° radiation pattern.

Input Connectors

2 sets of binding posts allowing bi-amping and bi-wiring


2    x    DDD    titanium    drivers        2    x    DDD     carbon     drivers


2      x      10     inch     woofers        2      x      10      inch      woofers


4 x passive 8 inch radiators              4 x passive 8 inch radiators


Approx 165kg


Approx 363lbs


Actual weight depends on detailed specification.


620mm W x 1560mm H x 750mm D


24.4" W x 61.4" H x 29.5" D


5 years

Source: German Physik

Price: $250,000

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