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Epson MovieMate 72 Video Projector/DVD Player


Epson Moviemate 72

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The Epson MovieMate 72 is one of a new class of video projectors that includes a built-in DVD player. The projector section utilizes 3LCD technology with 1280x720 (720p) native resolution. All DVDs played in the projector's built-in DVD will be upscaled to 720p. In addition, this unit also has extra inputs (including HDMI) and also has both built-in speakers and a digital audio output for connection to a home theater audio system. The MovieMate is easy to use, making it great for novice users.

The MovieMate 72 also has an added feature of a swivel section. This allows you to position it anywhere in the room and have the 4, 5W stereo, speakers pointed directly at you.

When you're projecting an image 100 inches across, it's all too easy to see the screen-door effect of the pixels from a 480p-resolution chip. The jump to 720p triples the number of pixels. With the requisite internal DVD upscaling, the image remains a lot smoother when you project it big. Also, since there's an HDMI input, you'd be able to play games and watch Blu-ray or HD DVD movies at a much improved resolution too.


Source: Epson

Price: $ 1,099

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