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Denon S-52DAB: The audiophile’s wireless audio streamer


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The new SMART S-52DAB - which Denon describes as a Wi-Fi 'table radio' - seemingly has it all: there's a CD player, amplifier, iPod dock and DAB/radio. The spec list doesn't stop there, however. Because the S-52DAB also offers Wi-Fi networking, enabling users to stream music content from computers, servers and web radio devices from around the home. In fact, Denon calls it, "the most technically advanced radio on the planet".

It features a concealed, built-in iPod dock on the top of the unit and a four-line LCD display, making it simple to see DAB radio and iPod playback information. A jog wheel takes care of navigation and control, plus there's also a comprehensive remote control. It manages to pack in four speakers, backed by 20 watts of amp power and is full of proprietary DSP technology including Denon's Audyssey software and an Analog Devices Blackfin chipset.

Further features include WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC compatibility, alarm clock functionality and a front-panel-mounted USB port.

Source: Denon

Price: £500

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