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BeoVision 9 – The Ultimate Home Cinema Master


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Bringing together all of Bang & Olufsen’s sound and picture competences, BeoVision 9 is a technological masterpiece. The top-performing, all-in-one home cinema master unites cleanly integrated access to net radio, your photo album and other web media and the Beo4 remote allows you to have one-touch control of everything.

The BeoVision 9 television has a 50-inch plasma screen built to Bang & Olufsen specifications and run by the fastest picture engine in the world. With an integrated digital surround sound module, a built-in BeoMedia and a dedicated centre speaker based on the exclusive Acoustic Lens Technology, BeoVision 9 is designed to be the answer when you need a modern, top-performing video entertainment solution at the centre of your surround sound set up.

The integrated BeoMedia gives access to photos, video, music and other media. You do not have miles of cable or a pile of extra remote controls. Additional set-top boxes can easily be controlled via the built-in Peripheral Unit Controller.
The powerful integrated centre speaker, based on the Acoustic Lens Technology, is the outlet for the centre channel in a surround sound system. The lens spreads the sound equally in a 180-degree arc, rendering sound elements in the centre channel, such as dialogue, with unparalleled tonal quality. Connect any BeoLab loudspeakers for a complete surround sound experience.

Surround sound for the future

Although the 5.1 format is still the predominant format for domestic surround sound on the market, the trend is leaning towards more channels and new formats. BeoVision 9’s unique digital sound processor is able to handle this quite convincingly. The built-in digital sound system drives the sound in up to 7.1 channels, so there is no loss of performance compared to sound optimized for movie theatres. BeoVision 9 also allows you to connect up to 10 BeoLab speakers and two subwoofers simultaneously. 
Finally, it is now possible to assign the same loudspeakers to different roles, depending on what you want the speakers to be in a Home cinema situation or when watching TV. For example, if you have set up BeoVision 9 in one corner of a room and a projector in another, you can still use the same loudspeakers for both. A speaker positioned and set to be a front left speaker when you watch TV can also be set to function as a rear left speaker when you use the projector. The switch between these modes is done automatically.

Going to the movies at home

BeoVision 9 contains the same digital platform with advanced signal processing as that which BeoSystem 3 is based on, providing a corresponding improvement in the picture quality, as well as supporting High Definition. BeoVision 9 can adapt to a wide variety of sources and media such as CD, radio, cable, satellite, DVD, photos, digital cameras – even sources normally requiring special treatment to perform at their best. So adaptability is a key element in the picture quality of BeoVision 9.
Connect a projector and a Home Automation system to give movie theatres a run for their money. The Beo4 remote control provides one-touch access to Home cinema, turning down the lights, lowering the screen, closing the drapes, switching on the projector and starting playback of a DVD or a movie stored on your hard disc recorder. There is no need to run from machine to machine to prepare the Home cinema experience, except perhaps to make the popcorn.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship

The size, proportion and surface of BeoVision 9 all convey a sense of substance, refinement and distinction. Note the slightly convex arc of the frame as well as its passe-partout form – the lower edge being slightly wider than the other edges, expressing harmony and singularity. The frame is brushed in a way that ensures equal surface treatment in the full arc. The finish is applied in order to give it a warm glow and a smooth texture, and the brushing helps minimize annoying reflections. The corner assembly of the frame combines precision diamond-cutting and pressure, ensuring that the parts are joined seamlessly.  
BeoVision 9 is available in six different colour combinations of silver, black, dark grey, red and blue. BeoVision 9 is equipped with a motorized stand that turns it to your predefined viewing position when you switch it on, and turns it back to the rest position when you turn it off.


Source: Aviva Audio Limited

Price: 990,000 baht

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