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Yindi Yindi (Silver Flute)


Shanghai Silver Flute Sound Co., Ltd


Shanghai, China

Year of Established:


Main Productss:

Speaker driver, tweeter, Cross over

Target Market:

North America, Europe

Other Details:

Shanghai Silver Flute Sound Company Limited specializes in the manufacture of loudspeakers and speakers enclosures. Silver Flute has a competent and efficient engineering team, developing new products according to the customers' requirements as well as the market demands.

bookshelf speaker Yindi speaker driver bookshelf speaker Yindi tweeter


Product Infomations:

BaYindi YDQG3-9

Yindi Dome Tweeter YDQG3-9

Rat.Impedance: 8Ω±15%
Long Term Maximum Power: 10W
Rat.Freq.Range: 3000-20000Hz
Rat.Char.Sensitivity Level: 89±2dB(1m·1W)
Rat.Total Harmonic Distortion: (1m·89dB)  ≤7%(3000-5000Hz)

Yindi IQ-6201

Yindi In-wall Speaker IQ-6201

Woofer6.5" Polypropylene Aluminium Finish
Tweeter1" Aluminium Dome Pivoting
Power(short term)100 Watts
Frequency Range60Hz-20KHz
Dimension310×208×96mm (H×W×D)
Dimension(hole)270×168mm (H×W)
Magnet20 oz
T-yokeCoating Chromium

Yindi XD-8214-Z


Yindi In-Ceiling Speaker Yindi_XD-8214-Z

Woofer8" Polypropylene
Tweeter1" Aluminium Dome Pivoting
Power(short term)100 Watts
Frequency Range50Hz-20KHz
Magnet20 oz


Yindi TF3303



Yindi Cross Over TF-3303

Three Way
Filter Characteristic:6/12/12
Adapted Speaker:T-8,M-8,W-8
Loading Power:180W





Yindiyd-50201 Floor Stand Speaker

Rat.Impedance: 8Ω±15%
Long Term Maximum Power: 30W
Maximum Music Power: 100W
Rat.Freq.Range:   35-20000Hz
Rat.Char.Sensitivity Level: 91±2dB(1m·1W)
Crossover Freq: 800Hz;4500Hz      
Rat.Total Harmonic Distortion: (250-6300Hz;91dB)≤7%     
Dimensions(W×D×H): 257×280×956(mm)
Yindi yd-42211

Yindiyd-42211 Floor Stand Speaker

Rat.Impedance: 8Ω±15%
Long Term Maximum Power: 80W
Maximum Music Power: 120W
Rat.Freq.Range:   30-20000Hz
Rat.Char.Sensitivity Level: 88±2dB(1m·1W)
Crossover Freq: 200Hz;4500Hz      
Rat.Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤7%     
Dimensions(W×D×H): 215×328×1110(mm)



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