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Shengya Audio Company Limitied


Shenzhen City, China

Year of Established:


Main Productss:

Vacuum Tube Amplifie, CD player, Speaker

Target Market:

America, Europe etc.

Other Details:

Since its establishment in 1991. Shengya Audio Company Limitied has been taking the responsibility of developing the national industry and carrying forward the domestically produced audio equipment and production of Hi-Fi amplifiers. AB-32 Tube Preamplifier/Tube Power Amplifier a maiden work of Shengya. wins the favor of the audio fans with its elegant figure, soft and pure timbre and fine craft work. It has got the reputation of "The amplifier to the pride of the Chinese" and aroused tremendous reaction among the audio circle


Product Infomations:

Shenya CS-3-PSM300



Shengya A-206 Amplifier

A-206 Integrated Amplifier

No detail available from manufacturer!

Shengya CD-6 CD Player


CD-6 Top-load CD Player

No detail available from manufacturer!


Shengya CD-60 CD player

CD-20 CD Player

No detail available from manufacturer

Shanling SCD3000 SACD player

LS-310 Floor Stand Speaker





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