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Mei Xing Factory


Shenzhen City, China

Year of Established:


Main Productss:

Vacuum Tube Amplifie

Target Market:

World wide

Other Details:

Meixing Factory is the only manufacturer specially producing valve power amplifies across China.This Factory opened in 1991.Provided with complete production equipment. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and areas in the world.

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Product Infomations:

Mingda MC34-A06 Tube Amplifier

MC34-A06 Vacuum Tube Monoblock Amplifier

Max. Output: 38W x 2
Output Impedance: 4 Ohm., 8 Ohm.
Sensibility: 200Mv.
Input Impedance: 100K
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.8%
Signal to Noise Rate: 90dB.
Power Consumption: 140W.
Input Jacks: 4 Groups, Output Jacks: 2 Groups
Frequency Response: 18 Hz. - 60 kHz. +/- 1dB
Vacuum Tubse: EL34x4, 12AU7x2, 12AX7x2
Supply Voltage: AC110V/220V, 50Hz./60Hz.
Dimension: 39Lx34Wx20.4H (CM.)
Weight: 18kg.


Mingda MC-805A Mobo block Amplifier

MC805-A Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier ( class A )

Output Impedance:          4Ω 8Ω
Input Impedance:           100K
Input Lebel:               400mV
Total Harmonic Distortion:  ≤1%
Frequeney responses:       20Hz~20KHz±1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio:    88dB
Input Jacks:               1 groups
Output Jacks:              2 groups
Supply Votage:             AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Power Consumption:         196W

Mingda MC368-B Integrated Amplifier


MC368-B Vacuum Tube Stereo Integrated Power Amplifier

output power Ultralinear:50Wx2 Triode:35Wx2
output impedance 4Ω、8Ω
input voltage 150mv
input impedance 100K
total harmonic distortion ≤1%
frequency respond 18Hz~ 50KHz±1dB
signal-to-noise ratio 86dB
input jacks 4 groups
output jacks 2 groups
vacuum tube EL34 KT88 KT100 KT94 6550x4 12AX7x2 12AU7x2
supply voltage AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Power consumption 250W
volume 45Lx42Wx23H(cm)
weight 25kg


Mingda MC84-A Integrated Amplifier

MC84-A Vacuum Tube Integrated Stereo Power Amlifier

Maximum Output: 13W×2
Output Impedance: 4Ω\8Ω
Input Level: 200mv
Input Impedance: 100k
Total Harmonic Dictortion: ≤0.8%
Frequeney responses: 20Hz ~55KHz±dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 89dB
Input Jacks: One Group
Output Jacks: Two Groups
Vacuum Tubes: EL84X4  12AU7x2 12AX7x1
Supply Votage: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Power Consumption: 80W
Dimensions: 32L×28W×18H(cm)
Ponderancy: 9.5Kg

Mingda MC-7R Pre Amplifier

MC-7R Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier(Valve rectify)

Output Lebel:              100mV-22V
Output Impedance:          100K
Input Impedance:           100K
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.003%
Frequeney responses:       10Hz~75KHz±1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio:     91dB
Input Jacks:               4 groups
Output Jacks:             2 groups
Frequeney responses:       20Hz~40KHz±1dB
Supply Votage:             AC110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption:         45W
Dimensions:                34L×22W×12H(cm)
weight:                    9.5kg

Mingda MC998-AR Monoblock Amplifier

MC998-AR Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier (first class)

Output Impedance:            4Ω、8Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion:  ≤1%
Frequeney responses:         20Hz~30KHz±1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio:       90dB
Input Jacks:                 1 groups
Output Jacks:               2 groups
Supply Votage:               AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz




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