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Shanghai De Song Electronics Co., Ltd.*


Shanghai, P.R.China

Year of Established:


Main Productss:

Hight-end amplifier, power supply

Target Market:

American, European and South-East Asian

Other Details:

Established in 2005, Mr. Zou Yuanyuan, the owner of the company, has selected most successful models from its former company, Korsun, after 6 years experience, along with new-developed products to create a new product series under the new name of Dussun.

The team of Dussun came from the Hi-Fi department of a big enterprise, which was founded in 1993 in Shanghai. The main team members of it have 12 plus years experience both in Hi-Fi products designing and in manufacturing field.

Remark: -The company name in English is writen by webmaster in according to the Chinese name.


RCA Connector Kimber Kable Kwik Cable Power cord

Product Infomations:

Dussun X1200s

X1200 Pure Power Supply

◆Frequency of input voltage : 50±0.5 Hz (only)
◆Short time maximum output capacity : 2200VA
◆Rated output voltage : 220 VAC ±1%

Rated output current : 5.5A
Peak output current : 60A
Output voltage distortion : ≤0.5%(when wall AC Power Supply Distortion≤5%)
The range of input voltage : 192 ~ 252 VAC
Indication meter accuracy : Indication reading ×1%±1
Dimension : 9×16×15.6
Weight: 69 lb

Dussun T2


μ2  Integrated  Stereo  Amplifier

Input  Impedance: >30KΩ
Input  Sensitivity: 400mV
Power  Output:(THD≤1%)  2×50W(1KHz / 8Ω)
2×80W(1KHz / 4Ω)
Frequency Response: 10Hz~40KHz (-3dB)
THD+Noise: ≤0.05%(1KHz 45W 8Ω)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB(A-weighted
Dimensions: 112(w)×208(h)×270(d)mm
Shipping Weight 7Kg


Dussun D9-S

D9 Multi-channel  Amplifier

single-chassis 5-channel power amplifier delivering 130 watts per channel
at 8 Ohms
non-decoder  built-in
wide frequency Response(
5Hz~100KHz,-3dB) adapted to SACD and
  DVD-AUDIO mode
Video in-out (V
ideo、S-videoY  Pb/Cb  Pr/Cr)
 Audio outputs:  5.1
channel、2.1 channel and stereo
  Infrared remote control
Selectable gain settings
Ultra-low-noise toroidal transformer
Internal L/R or SL/SR balance offset in 1dB steps from -6 to +6 dB
  Vacuum Fluorescent Display with 16 characters
Adjustable display lighting (High, Low, Off)



Dussun V8

V8i   Hyper Class A integrated  Amplifier

True Dual Mono configuration
Output power: 250W@8
Ω, Class A
500W@4Ω, Class A
Infrared remote control
The preamp and  power amp stages may be used separately
Dual Mono
ultra-low-noise toroidal transformer
Over 60,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel
Minimal internal wiring
Ultra-short signal path
Non-magnetic, non-resonant aluminum cover
Non-invasive protection system
Microprocessor-controlled passive volume potentiometer
High quality. double-sided printed circuit boards
Van den Hul  CS-122 HYBRID
loudspeaker cable  for power  transfer
Exclusive custom Dussun gold-plated high-current audio connector for amplifier and

Dussun DS99

Dussun DS99 back

Dussun DS99  Integrated  Stereo  Amplifier

Input  Impedance: >30KΩ
Input  Sensitivity: 300mVrms
Power  Output:(THD≤1%) 2×100W(1KHz,8Ω),2×150W(1KHz,4Ω)
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥100dB(A-weighted)
THD+Noise: ≤0.08%(1KHz,90W,8Ω)
Headphone  Stereo Jack(Φ6.3mm)
Maximum  Output  Level:
Impedance for Headphones
Dimensions: 434×105×358 mm
Shipping Weight 12  kg





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